Save the date for the 15th Annual RSSA conference!

April 17, 2024

Dear Esteemed Colleagues and Guests,


It is with great enthusiasm and pride that we extend to you a warm invitation to the 15th annual conference of the Radiological Society of Saudi Arabia (RSSA), in partnership with the Pan Arab Association of Radiological Societies (PAARS). This year, we are honored to present a conference with a pivotal theme that resonates across the spectrum of our profession: "Oncological Imaging: From Screening to Surveillance."


As we convene in this grand international congress, we are not just hosting an event; we are fostering a melting pot of ideas, advancements, and collaborative spirit that transcends borders. This year's congress is a significant departure from our previous conferences, evolving into a more inclusive and expansive international forum. We welcome the participation of numerous international bodies and societies, which is a testament to the vital role oncological imaging plays in modern medicine.


Oncological imaging is a dynamic and vital specialty that intricately weaves through all sub-specialties in radiology. It encompasses a range of critical issues from the technicalities of imaging, the nuances of interpretation, to medicolegal considerations, and the ever-progressing advances in our field. This year, we delve deep into these topics, aiming to enrich our shared knowledge and improve our practices.


Moreover, we recognize the importance of balancing the demanding work in clinical imaging with our personal lives. This congress is an opportunity for us to discuss, learn, and share strategies that support a harmonious work-life balance for radiology professionals.


We cordially invite all radiology practitioners, from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Arab world, to join us in this landmark event. Whether you are a seasoned radiologist, a resident, a fellow, a technologist, or a member of the multidisciplinary teams that collaborate with radiology, your contribution and participation are the keystones of this congress's success.


This conference is not just a learning opportunity but also a chance to network, meet new colleagues, reconnect with old friends, and together, make history as we envision and shape the future of radiological science.


Your presence is invaluable, and we eagerly look forward to your contributions and insights. Let us unite in the spirit of knowledge, collaboration, and advancement to further our specialty and ensure the best possible care for our patients.


We await you with open arms to share, learn, and celebrate our collective endeavors in the fascinating field of oncological imaging.


Registration opens soon!


Warm regards,

The Conference Organizing Committee

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