Frequently Asked Questions

Who can I talk to for media inquiries about radiology in Saudi Arabia?

RSSA Office: King Abdulaziz University Hospital -Radiology Department – Radiological Society of Saudi Arabia. Phone: 966126408417 Email: [email protected]

What are the office hours of the society?

Sunday to Thursday, 08:00AM – 04:00PM

Where is the office of the Radiological Society of Saudi Arabia located?

King Abdulaziz University Hospital, Jeddah Ground Floor – Radiology Department

How do I contact the society for questions and support?

Please visit the contact us webpage or follow the provided link:

Where can I access the society's published research?

Please visit the Resources Page on the website to preview some of the research work published in collaborations with the RSSA.

Does the Radiological Society publish any journals?

The society doesn’t have its own journal but rather had collaborated with the Saudi Journal of Radiology to publish its conference proceedings.

Does the society offer any virtual events or webinars?

Yes! There are monthly webinars. Please follow the website’s calender of events to continuously check for updates.

How can I register for a conference, and what are the fees?

Once the registration is open, you’ll be notified through the email newsletter or through social media. Follow the provided link to the conference website for full details. Please be reminded that active members receive discounted conference fees.

Are there opportunities to present research at society events?

Yes, there are opportunities to submit your research abstract or RadPath case for the trainee’s awards competition during the annual conference or submit your full manuscript to the conference proceedings in collaboration with the Saudi Journal of Radiology

Is there a calendar of events for the society?

Yes! Please visit the events page on our website or follow the following link:

How can I find out about upcoming conferences and events?

Please follow us on twitter, whatsapp, sign up to our email newsletter or regularly check on our website.

Does the society offer any grants or scholarships for research?

Not at the time being. However, with every annual conference the society is honored to present the “Lingawi RadPath case” awards and the “Rawas Research” awards for trainees choosing to join this competition.

What resources are available for board exam preparation?

The society had collaborated last year to building a MOCK Oral Exam Prep with The Chapter. The society will continue to do so for the upcoming year. In addition, the society will arrange a board review course before the written exams.

Are there any continuing medical education (CME) opportunities available?

Yes! There are various CME accredited activities throughout the year that includes: training courses, specialty workshops, webinars, and the annual conference.

How do I renew my membership and when is the deadline for renewal?

You will receive an email reminder from the societies email instructing you with the steps to renew your membership.

Can students and residents join the Radiological Society?

Yes! Students and residents are welcome to join. The society offers special activities for students and residents. Residents are invited to join the scientific and the organizing committees during the various conferences and activities. Students are encouraged to join the “Radiology Club” once they are members and participate in the community and social activities that the society is offering.

How can I become a member of the Radiological Society of Saudi Arabia?

At the time being please email us at: [email protected] for membership details. We have membership packages for radiologists, radiologists in training, technologists and students. Physicians: 1 year validity 300 & 2 years validity 500. Residents: 1 year validity 200 & 2 years validity 350. Technicians & Nurses: 1 year validity 200 & 2 years validity 350 Students: 2 years validity 100

What are the benefits of membership in the Radiological Society?

There are many benefits of being a member. This is to name a few of the highlights: a. An active member is involved in the decision making of future society activities. b. An active member (consultants only) may elect themselves to board member. Other members may join many working groups under the society tailored to their interest. c. Discounted registration fees for the Society annual conference. d. Discounted registration fees for other local and international conferences. e. Free CME accredited webinar registrations

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